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Adventure Partners is pioneering the via ferrata tradition in many of America’s most prestigious alpine resorts, who have successfully developed guided via ferratas as a compelling summer attraction. Ultra-luxury destinations with suitable terrain have also embraced via ferratas to engage their growing demographic of younger and more adventurous clientele. All of our via ferrate installations and aerial walkways are compliant with applicable ASTM F2959, CEN 16869, and FSM 7330 standards. Please refer to our CONTACT page to discuss via ferrata installation criteria and schedule a site audit.

Italian for “iron road,” via ferratas consist of steel rungs, cables, ladders, aerial walkways and other creative progression aids firmly, but unobtrusively anchored into rock and mountaineering tradition. Originally built during the First World War in the Dolomites of Italy to aid the movement of troops, in more recent times thousands of recreational via ferrata routes have been developed throughout the alpine communities of Europe. Their popularity and contribution to the tourism economy is well documented, but only recently have via ferratas made an appearance on the North American continent.

Via Ferrata - Jackson Hole Mountain Resort- 1.0, WY

Via Ferrata is Jackson Hole Mountain Resort's newest outdoor adventure. This memorable experience takes you high above the valley floor, across suspended bridges and along granite walls all with a knowledgeable guide. An assisted climbing activity that is guided through the alpine terrain here at JHMR, Via Ferrata is perfect for families, groups or individuals. Learn more:

Building The A-Basin Via Ferrata

Arapahoe Basin, CO

Mammoth Mountain, CA

Jackson Hole 2.0, WY

Royal Gorge, CO

Taos Ski Valley, NM

Castle Hot Springs, AZ

Elevated Safety, CO

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