It is my great pleasure to welcome you to the launch of the Adventure Partner’s web site and blog. In truth, this event has been three years in the making. Back in 2009, we were invited by the principals of the soon to be launched Amangiri resort in southern Utah to present a concept for an exclusive, turn-key adventure program rooted in the dramatic landscape of the Colorado Plateau. It was an unorthodox request for an ultra-luxury brand, to look beyond their peerless service organization for an on-property interface between valued guests and the destination experience. What a privilege and extraordinary opportunity! The ensuing years have been a crucible to practice the art of amalgamating hospitality and place. Through their vision, conviction and hard work, the Amangiri team has established the gold standard for experiential travel in the American Southwest. The property’s Adventure Guide is exhaustive and constantly expanding.

Amangiri Landscape- Canyon Point, Utah

Adventure Partners tagline, “Defining Destinations”, grew out of these experiences and aspirations. Instinct has always drawn us towards powerful interactions with Nature and Culture, and our entry into the luxury hospitality marketplace coincides with a growing demand by guests for informed, rare and even sacred encounters with Place. The presentation of exclusive activities with maximum flexibility in terms of time commitment, challenge and sophistication of content can be a tall order for even the most agile guest service department. Together we strive to be ambassadors on behalf of the marvels which make every place unique. This creative collaboration and focus on active participation is the key to delivering authentic experiences which blend the natural and social environments of exceptional destinations.

Family Memories- Sharing the challenge and rewards

The portability and impact of Adventure Partners across a range of luxury resort environments and brands will be the focus and subtext of many blog postings to follow. We will pursue “Adventure” in its broadest context- a quest to explore and achieve insight, and “Partners”- a dedicated resource to support and showcase the destination attributes of outstanding properties. Like our guests, we can’t wait to discover what lies beyond the next turn.

Buckskin- The longest, narrowest slot canyon on the Colorado Plateau