We’re making excellent progress on the Amangiri Hoodoo Bridge project, despite temperatures in the 20’s F and a dusting of new snow. Winds blew 25+ mph on January 11th, resulting in a wind chill of 0 degrees F, but we were still able to complete the cable installation.

On the 12th our team began to lay decking, and for the first time stood on a stable platform above the abyss. Chris provides and update-

In the time lapse below you can see the process used for building the walkway and truss system.

A view from below.

Gary Ladd, famous local landscape photographer, has been collecting images and video of the installation and we will present a special blog post of his work in the coming days.

Morale is excellent with some big days ahead. Please join us on social media and stay current on the latest from Amangiri, Canyon Point, UT.