Adventure Partners is pleased to announce the installation of the Hoodoo Suspension Bridge, a one-of-a-kind destination attraction. Preparations are underway to construct an 18″ wide, 232 foot long cable walkway spanning a sheer 500 foot chasm atop Hoodoo Peak. Only accessible through via ferrata ascent of this popular sandstone tower (one of four via ferratas located at Amangiri), crossing the Hoodoo Bridge will surely test the mettle of resort guests and showcase spectacular panoramas of Grand Staircase Escalante National Monument.

Why a bridge? The concept of pedestrian bridges isn’t new— Venice’s Rialto Bridge dates back to 1588, and even the Golden Gate Bridge, symbol of a great American city since 1937, invites foot traffic. A suspension bridge’s simplicity of structure, the cantenary arc, produces great strength and beauty while seeming to float in mid-air. The illusion of fragility enters into popular culture, as bridges are thresholds which every hero must traverse.

More conventional thrill rides, like zip-lines, can be found throughout the world, even along interstate highways. With the Hoodoo Bridge, Amangiri and Adventure Partners are seeking a signature activity which further differentiates the resort, cementing its identity to a vertical landscape.

We encourage you to subscribe and follow our construction progress over the coming months in the Adventure Partner’s Blog. There will be plenty of cliffhangers ahead, so don’t miss any of the excitement.