1. Ted Turner, Adventure Partners and 1,000,000 Acres

    In June, 2014 Ted Turner Enterprises (TEI), a private company which manages Ted’s business interests, land holdings and investments (including the oversight of two million acres in 12 states and in Argentina) approached Adventure Partners concerning the feasibility of an ecotourism and luxury hosp…Read More

  2. Four Seasons Showcases Adventurer’s Guide and Adventure Center

    We are pleased to announce the launch of Four Seasons Rancho Encantado Santa Fe’s first in-room and online Adventure’s Guide. Designed and produced by Adventure Partners, the collateral piece presents guests with an engaging collection of regional hiking, biking and cultural tours exclusive to t…Read More

  3. AP Produces “Geology Primer” for Amangiri

    From the first day Adventure Partners stepped foot on the land that was to become Amangiri, the message was clear– the rocks are the story. Adrian Zecha, Aman’s brand visionary, situated the resort to focus our attention on its star attraction– textures and forms shaped by the forces of Nature…Read More

  4. Amangiri’s Via Ferratas Featured in Private Clubs Magazine

    BY CINDY HIRSCHFELD | PHOTOGRAPHY BY TOM BROWNOLD This bridge would terrify my mother if she saw me on it. I’m looking down past my feet and through the slats of an 18-inch-wide grated deck – the only thing between me and the 400-foot chasm directly below. But, boy, do I feel exhilarated. This 2…Read More

  5. Amangiri Solar Installation- A Teaching Moment

    Amangiri would not exist were it not for “conviction”- a firmly held belief that discerning travelers would come to the Colorado Plateau for Aman luxury set against an iconic landscape. This same vision lies behind the latest installation of Amangiri’s two and a half acres of solar photo volta…Read More

  6. Amangiri’s Via Ferratas Recent Subject in Forbes

    Amangiri, A Billionaire Enclave In The High Desert Of Utah- by Gary Walther The Colorado Plateau is a broad, high tableland that sprawls around the Four Corners, the Euclidean point where Arizona, Utah, Colorado, and New Mexico touch right angles. It’s a land of spectacular eroded rock formations,…Read More

  7. Sharing the Experience- Utah Fall Guides’ Training, 2013

    Adventure Partners knows success is built upon the excellence of ours guides. Their talent for sharing stories while looking after the well-being of our guests elevates and secures the experience. In Southern Utah we work in a rugged landscape of mesas and canyons, where geological history spans alm…Read More

  8. Stories of Authenticity- Episode 1

    How does “authenticity” manifest itself in our experience of place? Adventure Partners is always seeking out stories which resonate with our guests, who connect with a destination by strolling across 150 million year old Entrada Sandstone or summoning the courage to cross a suspension bridge hig…Read More