1. Readiness = Teamwork + Training

    The Adventure Partners’ guides recently practiced technical rescue skills and systems rigging on the Hoodoo Via Ferrata located at Amangiri. The experience was a reminder of the importance training and teamwork play in mastering complex and dynamic challenges. The benefit of training goes far deep…Read More

  2. Hoodoo Bridge Installation is complete in 9 days- Chapter 3

    The combination of elegant design and oversight by Chris Haaland (McMillion Engineering), helicopter support by Classic Aviation, precision fabrication by Sam Riggs (Page Steel) and safe/productive installation by our Adventure Partners rigging crew (Dave Carmen, Jeremy Draper, Nate Jordan, Christia…Read More

  3. Amangiri Hoodoo Bridge Survey Complete- video and photos.

    On November 9, 2012 Adventure Partners completed the survey and anchor layout for the Amangiri Hoodoo Suspension Bridge. Chris Haaland, the project’s engineer, introduces himself and the bridge site in this short video. The bridge will be a powerful new element of an already popular Hoodoo Via Fer…Read More

  4. The long anticipated construction of Amangiri’s Hoodoo Suspension Bridge has commenced. On January 9, 2013 our team assembled at Page Steel to organize four tons of bridge materials for the short transport to the helicopter staging area. Sam Riggs, welder extraordinaire, puts pre-dawn final touche…Read More

  5. Amangiri Hoodoo Bridge Site Prep Complete

    Adventure Partners wishes everyone following our exploits a happy, healthy, prosperous new year. And what better way to celebrate new beginnings than with anxious anticipation of a bridge soon to be spanned? January, 2013 kicks off the final installation of Amangiri’s Hoodoo Suspension Bridge. We …Read More

  6. This is not your father’s luxury resort

    I recently read that five million golfers have left their sport in the last ten years, and it piqued my curiosity. Some of this attrition is driven by economic factors and growing time constraints. It’s not so easy these days to carve out time from family and work for a leisurely eighteen holes. T…Read More

  7. Welcome to the Adventure Partners Web Site & Blog

    It is my great pleasure to welcome you to the launch of the Adventure Partner’s web site and blog. In truth, this event has been three years in the making. Back in 2009, we were invited by the principals of the soon to be launched Amangiri resort in southern Utah to present a concept for an exclus…Read More