On November 9, 2012 Adventure Partners completed the survey and anchor layout for the Amangiri Hoodoo Suspension Bridge. Chris Haaland, the project’s engineer, introduces himself and the bridge site in this short video.

The bridge will be a powerful new element of an already popular Hoodoo Via Ferrata Ascent. Its dramatic crossing may turn back a few souls, overwhelmed by the chasm which lies between them and the distant rim. Of course, all those crossing will be attached to a safety cable, unlike the Knight Templar shown in the image below.

Construction is slated to commence in the coming weeks, with fabrication of all bridge components underway.

We will be documenting the construction process in detail through video and still images on the Adventure Partners’ blog along with Facebook, Linked In, Twitter and Google +. Follow our progress on social media and please share this post with colleagues who might find this extraordinary enterprise of interest.