Readiness = Teamwork + Training

The Adventure Partners’ guides recently practiced technical rescue skills and systems rigging on the Hoodoo Via Ferrata located at Amangiri. The experience was a reminder of the importance training and teamwork play in mastering complex and dynamic challenges.

Practice Rescue
Jeremy Draper (litter attendant) & Yermo Welsh (patient) 

The benefit of training goes far deeper than executing a checklist of critical steps, it fosters a higher degree “situational awareness”, the ability to recognize subtle changes in a stressful environment which can dramatically impact the outcome of decisions and events.

Training tests teamwork and improvisation. 

The luxury hospitality business in many ways is about anticipation and readiness. Our guests are spontaneous and demand instant response.  Improvisation, teamwork and training can make the difference between landing on your feet and falling short of expectations. A rescue team is the embodiment of this passion and commitment to readiness and service. Continue reading

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Amangiri and Adventure Partners featured in Men’s Journal

A beautiful video travel piece featuring Amangiri and our newest Hoodoo Suspension Bridge!

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Hoodoo Bridge Installation is complete in 9 days- Chapter 3

The combination of elegant design and oversight by Chris Haaland (McMillion Engineering), helicopter support by Classic Aviation, precision fabrication by Sam Riggs (Page Steel) and safe/productive installation by our Adventure Partners rigging crew (Dave Carmen, Jeremy Draper, Nate Jordan, Christian Seamans and Mike Friedman) has produced an extraordinary attraction for Amangiri guests.

The completed 230 foot span.

The final phase of construction occured over nine frigid days (January 8-16, 2013). For an accelerated look at the process of assembling the bridge’s walkway platform and truss system, check out the time lapse footage below-

There is something magical about suspension bridges, with their great strength and minimalist structure. The integrity and grace of a cantenary curve invites us to span seemingly unattainable distances.

A graceful pathway.

Timely construction of the bridge demanded safe and efficient teamwork. A few videos of our daily commute and work environment- Continue reading


Temperatures plunge with a dusting of new snow, Amangiri Hoodoo Bridge- Chapter 2

We’re making excellent progress on the Amangiri Hoodoo Bridge project, despite temperatures in the 20’s F and a dusting of new snow. Winds blew 25+ mph on January 11th, resulting in a wind chill of 0 degrees F, but we were still able to complete the cable installation.

Bundled up.

On the 12th our team began to lay decking, and for the first time stood on a stable platform above the abyss. Chris provides and update-

In the time lapse below you can see the process used for building the walkway and truss system.

A view from below.

Silhouette of the team.

Gary Ladd, famous local landscape photographer, has been collecting images and video of the installation and we will present a special blog post of his work in the coming days. Continue reading

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Amangiri Hoodoo Bridge Build- Chapter 1

The long anticipated construction of Amangiri’s Hoodoo Suspension Bridge has commenced. On January 9, 2013 our team assembled at Page Steel to organize four tons of bridge materials for the short transport to the helicopter staging area.

Sam Riggs, welder extraordinaire, puts pre-dawn final touches on the bridge’s connecting plates.

Sparks fly.

We carefully test each helicopter load as they are placed onto a flatbed truck for delivery to Amangiri. Continue reading

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Amangiri Hoodoo Bridge Site Prep Complete

Adventure Partners wishes everyone following our exploits a happy, healthy, prosperous new year. And what better way to celebrate new beginnings than with anxious anticipation of a bridge soon to be spanned? January, 2013 kicks off the final installation of Amangiri’s Hoodoo Suspension Bridge. We invite you on an “insiders” tour as our crew drills down into 90 million year old Dakota Sandstone to install the anchor bolts which tie this 230 foot long gossamer walkway to the flanks of Hoodoo Peak.

Project engineer, Chris Haaland, explains this critical stage of construction–

Bridge building in this remote location during winter requires a crew of expert riggers who can handle the rigors of wind and frigid temperatures on the exposed cliff edges. Continue reading

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Amangiri Hoodoo Bridge Survey Complete- video and photos.

On November 9, 2012 Adventure Partners completed the survey and anchor layout for the Amangiri Hoodoo Suspension Bridge. Chris Haaland, the project’s engineer, introduces himself and the bridge site in this short video.

The bridge will be a powerful new element of an already popular Hoodoo Via Ferrata Ascent. Its dramatic crossing may turn back a few souls, overwhelmed by the chasm which lies between them and the distant rim. Of course, all those crossing will be attached to a safety cable, unlike the Knight Templar shown in the image below.

“Leap of Faith”- the Hoodoo Bridge will ask guests to push their limits.

Construction is slated to commence in the coming weeks, with fabrication of all bridge components underway. Continue reading

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Coming Soon: Amangiri’s “Hoodoo Suspension Bridge”, 232 foot Span

Adventure Partners is pleased to announce the installation of the Hoodoo Suspension Bridge, a one-of-a-kind destination attraction. Preparations are underway to construct an 18″ wide, 232 foot long cable walkway spanning a sheer 500 foot chasm atop Hoodoo Peak. Only accessible through via ferrata ascent of this popular sandstone tower (one of four via ferratas located at Amangiri), crossing the Hoodoo Bridge will surely test the mettle of resort guests and showcase spectacular panoramas of Grand Staircase Escalante National Monument.

Project Engineer, Chris Haaland, surveys Hoodoo Bridge crossing.

Why a bridge? The concept of pedestrian bridges isn’t new— Venice’s Rialto Bridge dates back to 1588, and even the Golden Gate Bridge, symbol of a great American city since 1937, invites foot traffic. A suspension bridge’s simplicity of structure, the cantenary arc, produces great strength and beauty while seeming to float in mid-air. The illusion of fragility enters into popular culture, as bridges are thresholds which every hero must traverse. Continue reading

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This is not your father’s luxury resort

I recently read that five million golfers have left their sport in the last ten years, and it piqued my curiosity. Some of this attrition is driven by economic factors and growing time constraints. It’s not so easy these days to carve out time from family and work for a leisurely eighteen holes. There may also be some underlying demographic and lifestyle shifts driving recreational traffic away from the links and into alternative outdoor pursuits. What used to be the backbone activities and infrastructure associated with luxury resorts- tennis, golf, spa and beach time- find themselves competing with more adventurous and off-the beaten-path experiences like hiking, kayaking, bicycling and wildlife viewing.

This is not your father’s luxury resort

The Outdoor Foundation’s 2011 Participation Report supports a shift in recreational trends for today’s Baby Boomer and Gen X experiential travelers, who want to be challenged and entertained in new ways- Continue reading

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Welcome to the Adventure Partners Web Site & Blog

It is my great pleasure to welcome you to the launch of the Adventure Partner’s web site and blog. In truth, this event has been three years in the making. Back in 2009, we were invited by the principals of the soon to be launched Amangiri resort in southern Utah to present a concept for an exclusive, turn-key adventure program rooted in the dramatic landscape of the Colorado Plateau. It was an unorthodox request for an ultra-luxury brand, to look beyond their peerless service organization for an on-property interface between valued guests and the destination experience. What a privilege and extraordinary opportunity! The ensuing years have been a crucible to practice the art of amalgamating hospitality and place. Through their vision, conviction and hard work, the Amangiri team has established the gold standard for experiential travel in the American Southwest. The property’s Adventure Guide is exhaustive and constantly expanding.

Amangiri Landscape- Canyon Point, Utah

Adventure Partners tagline, “Defining Destinations”, grew out of these experiences and aspirations. Instinct has always drawn us towards powerful interactions with Nature and Culture, and our entry into the luxury hospitality marketplace coincides with a growing demand by guests for informed, rare and even sacred encounters with Place. The presentation of exclusive activities with maximum flexibility in terms of time commitment, challenge and sophistication of content can be a tall order for even the most agile guest service department. Together we strive to be ambassadors on behalf of the marvels which make every place unique. This creative collaboration and focus on active participation is the key to delivering authentic experiences which blend the natural and social environments of exceptional destinations.

Family Memories- Sharing the challenge and rewards

The portability and impact of Adventure Partners across a range of luxury resort environments and brands will be the focus and subtext of many blog postings to follow. We will pursue “Adventure” in its broadest context- a quest to explore and achieve insight, and “Partners”- a dedicated resource to support and showcase the destination attributes of outstanding properties. Like our guests, we can’t wait to discover what lies beyond the next turn.

Buckskin- The longest, narrowest slot canyon on the Colorado Plateau


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